Did you know...Applying moisturizer to the skin will have greater results when applied after a shower; when skin is slightly damp.  The reason for this... the water remaining on the skin will evaporate and draw the moisturizer deeper into the skin.  You will use less product and get better results.  What about moisturizing your hands during the day?  Again, you will hydrate you hands thoroughly if they are damp after washing-then moisturizing. This approach is great all year around and you will be using your products more effectively!!

Micro-Current Rejuvenation Facial

The human body uses micro-currents to control the activity of the various muscle groups, facial sagging and drooping, drooping lids and puffiness, improve muscle tone and increases circulation of cellulite areas.


Step 1:

Stimulates lymph and blood circulation, oxygenates the skin and increases cellular turnover.

Step 2:

Consists of restoring initial tonus to muscles and stimulating the fibroblasts (collagen producers.)

Step 3:

A specifically formulated nutritive antioxidant gel is used to provide vital nutrients essential to the production of elastin and collagen.


Lifting Facial (90 min.) ... $135


Corrective treatment of mild electrical stimulation to origin and insertion of the facial muscles. Beautiful results on your face, neck and eyes.  Recommendation: 10 to 13 treatments within 6 weeks.  Series discounted.

Combination Lift & Light Therapy Facial ... $175

Recommendation: 10 treatments within 6 weeks.  Series discounted.



After One


After 10

Common Micro Current Facial FAQs

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