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We are pleased you have given yourself permission to take care of yourself.  You may think it is an indulgence, but it truly is a necessity.

Our impeccable service standards will ensure; To Craft, Enhance and Bridge YOUR Personal Essence from Head to Toe...  This is the signature of a SALON WEST experience.


We are please you have chosen us and are committed to providing you with a relaxing, educational experience.  GUARANTEED!!


Salon West & Body Works Spa Mission Statement...

To exceed your expectations each time you visit our Salon!

The answer to your Dry, Cracked, Callused Feet... is finally here; we have been searching for a product for those LOVED ONES who do not want a professional pedicure.  We found the product!!


Baby Foot  is here   Create an evening of blissful foot therapy, alone or with a special someone.

You will be sliding your beautiful, callus free feet between the sheets in no time! Go to " Chat with Pros" for price.

.baby foot