Did you know...Applying moisturizer to the skin will have greater results when applied after a shower; when skin is slightly damp.  The reason for this... the water remaining on the skin will evaporate and draw the moisturizer deeper into the skin.  You will use less product and get better results.  What about moisturizing your hands during the day?  Again, you will hydrate you hands thoroughly if they are damp after washing-then moisturizing. This approach is great all year around and you will be using your products more effectively!!

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The answer to your Dry, Cracked, Callused Feet... is finally here; we have been searching for a product for those LOVED ONES who do not want a professional pedicure.  We found the product!!


Baby Foot  is here   Create an evening of blissful foot therapy, alone or with a special someone.

You will be sliding your beautiful, callus free feet between the sheets in no time! Go to " Chat with Pros" for price.

.baby foot