Did you know...Applying moisturizer to the skin will have greater results when applied after a shower; when skin is slightly damp.  The reason for this... the water remaining on the skin will evaporate and draw the moisturizer deeper into the skin.  You will use less product and get better results.  What about moisturizing your hands during the day?  Again, you will hydrate you hands thoroughly if they are damp after washing-then moisturizing. This approach is great all year around and you will be using your products more effectively!!

Hair Color and Chemical Texture Waves 

Hair Color


$65.00+    New Formulation


$50.00+     Retouch New Growth


$45.00+     Shades EQ Refresher/Glazing


$25.00+     Color Overlay/Additional Color


$35.00+     Cuticle Colour - minimize gray


$100.00+   Highlights/Full


$40.00+     Partial Highlights/Face Frame & Fringe Painting



Permanent Wave 


$75.00+      Partial / Short Hair Perm

$150.00+    Full /Long Hair Perm 


$175.00+    Beach Wave 



Reconstructive treatments may be prescribed by a technician prior to all chemical services.  Prices do not include cut or style. Corrective services will need a pre-scheduled appointment.