Did you know...Applying moisturizer to the skin will have greater results when applied after a shower; when skin is slightly damp.  The reason for this... the water remaining on the skin will evaporate and draw the moisturizer deeper into the skin.  You will use less product and get better results.  What about moisturizing your hands during the day?  Again, you will hydrate you hands thoroughly if they are damp after washing-then moisturizing. This approach is great all year around and you will be using your products more effectively!!

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Salon West

is proud to announce the use of CBD Skin Care Products

One of the featured products is Renew.  We welcome you to sample Renew.  CBD is mainstream popular.  We have been searching for a quality product and reputable source.  We found our product.  It is grown in Kentucky by a certified, organic farm.







Revitalizing Facial (40 min.) ... $65


Treatment includes skin analysis, exfoliation, masque and a massage of moisturizers.

Teen Facial (45 min.) ... $60

It's never too early to begin prevention!  Includes exfoliation, extractions, deep pore cleanse and teaching of basic skin care.

Back Facial (45 min.) ... $65

Purifying cleansing treatment, exfoliation, extractions and treatment masque.

Custom Facial (50 min.) ... $75

Designed with your individual needs in mind.  Features a cellular repair treatment utilizing galvanic current for maximum product penetration.

Acne Facial (60 min.) ...$ 85

Get Serious and Stop the Cycle NOW.  What is acne? A chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous hair follicles (pores).  This highly effective treatment system is for the serious anti-acne fighter. (a series of 6 treatments – 1 time per week.  Package available with home retail)

Oxygenation facial (60 min.) ... $100

Jump start resistant skin with enzyme exfoliating anti-aging Vitamins E and C, along with oxygen and free radical molecules that penetrate.  The end result is minimized pores, elimination of yellow and sallow toned skin.

Endothermic Anti-Aging (60 min.) ... $115

Improve skin tone, clarity, and texture.  Combines alpha and beta hydroxy acids to stimulate and renew cellular activity.


Micro Current ... $135

Learn more about our Mico Current Facials.