Did you know...Applying moisturizer to the skin will have greater results when applied after a shower; when skin is slightly damp.  The reason for this... the water remaining on the skin will evaporate and draw the moisturizer deeper into the skin.  You will use less product and get better results.  What about moisturizing your hands during the day?  Again, you will hydrate you hands thoroughly if they are damp after washing-then moisturizing. This approach is great all year around and you will be using your products more effectively!!


The Fight Is On – Skin, the largest organ of your body  

The opponent… “Old Man/Woman Winter”

This is the time of season to become one with this beautiful mass (our skin) that we experience a love/hate relationship with at this time of year!  It’s not the first nor will it be the last, that a conversation between you and this beautiful mass will take place. 

The dialog begins as we look into the mirror, attempting to scratch off the dry patch-only to make it worse.  Or, have you been here… your back itches and you have no way to scratch it… envisioning the Big Black Bear… his oneness with the tree and the look of bliss in his eyes!


Call TO Action

Moisturizing alone is not the answer; it’s a very short fix!

Itchy skin is caused by lifted cellular debris-Dry.Dead.Skin.  It needs to be removed.  Cleansing and moisturizing is not enough, exfoliating needs to be part of your skin care regimen.

Let’s start with your face…

Cleansing with a facial brush is highly recommended.  It allows you to get around your nose, into the hairline and below the jawline more thoroughly.  Rinse with your brush as well.

Exfoliate afterwards, while the skin is still damp.  All skin is different, start out once a week.  A small amount of product goes along way.  Gently work product into your hands (add water if needed) and gently apply starting at the neck and work up in a circular   motion.   Rinse thoroughly.

Apply your moisturizer while skin is still damp, so when the water is evaporating the moisturizer is pulled into the depths of the tissue.

Calling all bodies…

Prior to getting into the shower, dry brushing the body with a long handled body brush. It’s a great way to remove cellular debris from your back, legs and arms.  Gently brush the entire body.  While in the shower continue your exfoliation ritual using a shower gel.  The Ph is lower than a bar of soap-not as harsh.  Follow up with a body moisturizer while the skin is somewhat damp.

Your Skin Will Love You For This TLC



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